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One I Admire

There are many good people out there to admire. I myself admire a person who is not a household name and not famous. Her name is Candace Neale-May, or better known to me as Mom. I admire my mother because she has taught me something that is very important, she has taught me how to work hard for what you want. When my mother went to college she had to pay her way through by working a job on the side. She majored in science and nursing. My mother then went on to get two masters degrees. After going through school she was a professor in nursing. She did this until she met my father. After my sister was born my mom helped my father start their own business. After having three kids in all my mother is still working hard and being the best mother possible. If I had one wish it would be to be as strong, persevering, and loving as she is.