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Lauren Neale-May
Self Eulogy

English 1
September 11, 2000

Lauren Neale-May was born June 9, 1986 in Stanford Hospital, California. Her parents were Candace and Donovan Neale-May. Lauren grew up in a very small town called Portola Valley in California. She was a fan of soccer, basketball, and golf. As a child, Lauren was active in choir and school activities. She was always on the move and her parents later found out that she had ADHD. Lauren went to Saint Joseph's school in California for nine years.

When Lauren became an adolescent, her parents got divorced. When the time came for her to go to high school, she decided to get out of California and move to New Hampshire to go to the New Hampton School. As a student, she achieved great heights as an honor roll student. She also became the radio station manager and brought new ideas into the program.

After a successful career at New Hampton School, Lauren then decided to move back to California and take pre-law at UCLA. It as a great choice of Lauren's because she fit right in. She even was in the newspaper for soccer. Next, Lauren then continued her law career, and went to Harvard Law. Two years later she passed the Bar on her first try.

Lauren then moved to San Francisco where she started one of the world's best law firms and watched over her father's PR firm. At the age of 26, she got married to a politician. Two years later they had their oldest child John, and two years after that their youngest child Mary. As the years went on, her husband became senator and ran for President of the United States. He became president much due to the help from his popular wife. Since Lauren was the First Lady, she had to put someone in charge of her law firm.

As the First Lady, Lauren did many things to help this country's communities. Such as fundraisers and running tons of fundraising marathons. She also talked to the people of America and quickly became one of the most popular First Ladies ever. After her husband's two terms in office, Lauren decided it was time to retire. She gave her law firm to her son and daughter to run. Then she moved to Hawaii, where she and her husband lived for two months when unexpectantly she passed away.

Some people say that the part of not working was what made Lauren die and I agree. Lauren just couldn't sit still and not work as a lawyer or help people.