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Kind Words: From NHS Adults

October 5, 2000

In the past few weeks I got to know Lauren better than I did any other new student on the campus. I was with her on the orientation camping trip, I was her physics teacher, I ran her freshman study hall, and I was her soccer coach. On the camping trip many of the students were apprehensive about being in a new situation with new people, but Lauren appeared to feel right at home. She paddled canoes, transporting load after load of gear onto the island and became an expert at cooking spaghetti for 50 people over a camp stove (not your everyday skill). Lauren adjusted very well for being so far away from home.

Lauren obviously wanted to be a lawyer and there is no doubt in my mind that she would have made a wonderful one. She took pride in every assignment she completed for school. Her fine attention to detail left me in awe. Her lab write-ups and even answers to simple homework assignments were presented typed and well formatted on high quality paper - more than I would ever expect from a high school student. During study hall each evening, Lauren spread out her books, computer, notebooks, etc. across numerous seats, put on her headphones and got down to work. She was able to efficiently complete her work, leaving her time for fun during the day. Lauren even sometimes did too much in terms of academics and I was trying to teach her how to stop when she had done what the teacher expected. But Lauren would not accept anything but the best. She put 100% into everything that she did.

Lauren had an incredible internal drive. On the soccer field, there were numerous times we "butted heads" in disagreements and the funny thing is, Lauren almost always won. She would not back down. She knew how to argue and she would not settle for anything but 100%. Likewise, Lauren never allowed little disagreements to interfere with her relationships with her peers. She was always joking around moments later. She put 100% effort into her relationships. I hope on your visit to campus you are able to see and feel how much the girls on the soccer team cared about her. The girls gave Lauren a lot of attention that she needed being so far from home.

Yesterday, Lauren put her best into playing goalie. She was doing a great job in goal and she was proud. Lauren went out to make a save with 100% effort. She was knocked unconscious immediately. I don't think she felt any pain. I ran to her side and took her hand. I worked with others to try to keep her body functioning. I held her hand and spoke to her up until her heart stopped beating. Many people tried very hard to save her. No one gave up until after it was obvious we had to. I am very sorry for your loss.

Lauren talked about you often. She was looking forward to you coming for parents weekend and spending the weekend with you in Boston. I wish you and your family the best in your healing process.

My heart is with you.




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