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Kind Words: Poetry and Other Thoughts

An Eskimo Legend

Perhaps they are not stars, but rather the openings to the place where peaceful spirits dwell, where our loved ones can look down and shine their light upon us, letting us know they are home safe.

The Dragonfly

When dragonflies are born, they are born underwater. When they are old enough, they swim to the surface, spread their wings and fly.

Two newly born dragonflies were talking about what it was like above the water. They both agreed that whoever went up first would come back down to tell the other what it was like.

Later that month, one dragonfly grew up, swam to the top, grew its wings and flew. It was a magnificent place to be. The dragonfly looked down and saw its friend. When it tried to fly down to talk to its friend, it couldn't fly through the water. It tried and tried to reach its friend but it was unable to because it had moved on to a better place.


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