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Kind Words: From NHS Students

Dear Lauren,

What's up? I miss you. When you comin' back? Wait, never mind - you're here. Now I'll never have to wait to tell you something, 'cause you're always going to be here! I remember when you guys threw me into the pond with a WHITE SHIRT on! You ran right over to me and gave me your jacket and said, "Damn, you look cold, use my jacket. Come back to my dorm with me and I'll give you some clothes to wear." I've never met a more caring person than you. Look for my dad, K? His name is Richard. He'll be your new best friend.

Come visit sometime, K? I miss talking to you and hearing your voice. Your laugh always made me smile. Thanks!

I've never seen such a good goalie. I'm sorry for suggesting you being goalie - the only reason I did it was because you are honestly the best person on our team! You know that last goal I made? Yeah, that was for you, because you deserve it.

You always took so much crap from everyone, and you never let yourself slip. You stayed strong and positive! And you know what? I admire you for that. I look up to you for so many reasons! You're my idol. I'm sorry for never saying these things before. Hey, you know that white rock necklace that I always wear and everyone plays with? It's yours! You can have it.

Come visit me some time! Luv ya forever!

Your best friend,



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