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Photo Gallery
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Photo Gallery: Family

Kym, Greg and expectant Mom
  Newly arrived baby Lauren
  Newborn Lauren held by Daddy
  Little Lauren, Kym and Greg
  Little Lauren on Grandpa's back
  Young Lauren and Mommy
  Lauren, Greg and Dad by the lake
  Lauren with Grandma by the pool
  Lauren, Kym, Greg and Mom
  Lauren, Kym, Greg, Mom and Grandma
  Lauren, Greg and Kym
  Lauren and Dad with dog
  Lauren, Kym and Greg

Lauren and Mom in evening gowns
  Lauren, Grandpa and Grandma
  Lauren and Greg in the lawn
  Lauren, Mom and Greg
  Family at Christmas Dinner
  Lauren, Grandma and Grandpa
  Lauren, Greg, Mom and Grandpa
  Lauren and Kym