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Kind Words: From NHS Adults

HI, this is A.J., I toured your daughter back in the summer. I never really had a chance to explain to you how impressed I was when I met you and Lauren. It was a pleasure meeting you - both of you were so nice to be around. Out of all of the prospective students I toured last summer, I was definitely most impressed with Lauren. Everything she said, she said with a smile. Her enthusiasm and zest for life helped everyone around her make their lives a little better.

I truly have never met anyone who was quite like your daughter. I was so excited when I heard that Lauren was going to be able to attend New Hampton School. In her short time here, she touched the lives of so many people. It's hard to put into words what a wonder your daughter really was - she loved life and everyone around her. This world would be such a fantastic place if everyone were just a little more like Lauren.


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