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Kind Words: Poetry and Other Thoughts

For the living

We saved up some money
Just enough to go
We took nothing with us
Left everything we know

We jumped on an airplane
Flew over the sea
Then sailed to an island
Only to be free

She said life's for the living
Fools hesitate
So follow your dreams now
Before it gets too late

And she said...

Should you ever hit bottom
Fall like a leaf in autumn
If your colors fade away
Please know that I'll always love you
Always believe in what you do

We biked through the country
In sunny July
Ate smoked fish in Gudheim
While the tourists all passed by

And just when she said
She couldn't want more
The clouds rolled in
And the rain began to pour

So I grabbed her hand
We danced in the street
Got soaked to the skin
But the laughter was so sweet


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