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Kind Words: Stories of Lauren

Lauren and dogs

letter excerpts

...I met your daughter at her first week of soccer. I was walking with my dog, Bear, past the soccer team. Lauren popped up, came running over and said, "How long have you had your Lab, how old is she, what is her name?" I was so impressed with Lauren's caring and curiosity at that moment, because I knew she was a new student, and she was so excited to learn about everyone here at her new school. I talked with Lauren about my dog many times after that first meeting at her field...

- Betsy

...While I didn't know your daughter personally, I have a beautiful image that will remain with me: every day, morning, lunch and dinner, Lauren would be outside the cafeteria playing with one of the newest puppies on campus. She would roll, giggle and simply love this dog with a carefree spirit. This seemed so "real" to me because in this crazy life we live at NHS, she always took time to share her love and enthusiasm with the smallest of things. I'll miss those daily moments, and cherish this image...

- Erica

...I was at the soccer field one evening playing with my chocolate lab. Lauren stopped and started talking to me, playing catch with my dog while we talked. She told me all about her love for her dogs and how she missed them. She had quite an arm and gave Jake a run for his money...

- Amanda

...I had contact with Lauren almost everyday: you see, I have a dog named Spencer who will chase a ball as many times as it is thrown. One of his most consistent throwers was Lauren. Spencer looked for Lauren to play with him - and play they would! Lauren had the enthusiasm to throw over and over again. Whenever I think of Lauren, I picture her at the pond, in the sun with Spencer at her side. Both Spencer and I will miss her...

- Robin


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