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Kind Words: Stories of Lauren

On the Soccer Field

letter excerpts

...Every day I stopped by the JV soccer practice to find out how much time they had left. And every day Lauren was the only one who was happy to be there and played like she didn't have any other care in the world...

- Dana

...I'm on the varsity soccer team, and we always knew when Lauren was around because you always heard someone laughing hysterically from across the field. Sometimes we would look over the other field and see Lauren do something funny and we would all start to crack up...

- Jackie

...I am on the varsity soccer team and we practice on the opposite site of the field and Lauren's voice was the one I could hear above everyone else's. She was always encouraging and trying 110%.

Lauren decided one day that it would be funny to throw a girl from my team in the pond, so the next day, the varsity team picked her up off the soccer field and threw her into the pond. The whole time she was screaming, "But, it's not my birthday!" She had the biggest smile on her face, though. It was all in good fun and she knew that. She was laughing the whole time. She took everything so positively...

- Lisa


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